Friday, January 16, 2009


Do you remember the time when broadcasting was for non-superstars? And was for 3SD. I do and as i look at the broadcasting que today i see it's all changed! No more broadcasting about things that actually mean something. When you think of broadcasting you think of people saying Rate me! join my club ! but most of all !SALES! Yes it is very helpful i know it it but really does it have to be that expensive 5sd is the average price for a clothing or interior item so to actually gain profit is to sell more than 2 things.

But have you ever thought, why do we broadcast? To make more money of course! But why make more money? To buy more stuff silly! And when we buy more things, what happens? it goes out of the starplaza and we sell! so it basiclly just a continues chain ! Ever thought of THAT! so next time you broadcast think of cheaper options like comment in peoples gb, tell friends make a comment on dolls even tell people in your club or make a free broadcasting post!

Its called "Shopping with stardoll" AKA EVIL REVENGE

WHAT? you might ask me reading the title, I'll tell you what, Stardoll has revenged us all! Still don't know what I'm talking about, just look at the picture

Yes this beautiful glamorous Hot Buys dress is now available in the Starplaza, and i would normally say for the great mere price of ... But no, Stardoll has changed there mind of all those cheap non-superstar hot buys. Remember the chain of hot buys, the AMAZING purple pants, the cozy purple snow jacket, The golden shoes.But then it started stardoll bought out the cute pair of earmuffs alas yes it still is for 5 stardollars but no not how we expected to be SUPERSTAR! Oh but we all thought just one thing nothing to scream about. But when the hot buy we all were waiting for comes to the starplaza we can definitely scream! Normally the re-released HB is for 10+ But this is a brand new cute and chic dress. How its shines, the colours can make any boring outfit come to life, but stardoll didn't put it out for the normal price of 7 or 8 but the price of 14SD!!!! Stardoll is revenging and making up there mistake of puting out to many cheap non-superstar hbs! Who can afford that? Yes we all know all those elites who have to much money! Some stardolls don't know how much we are actually talking about they have only the little money of 5 stardollars or even ZERO they think we have the power of having up to 60 stardollars, no young stardolls they have more, they have THOUSANDS that they will never share. they keep it all to the self so they will able to buy more old DKNY so they will be more famous. That's the actual key to be a A list celeb on stardoll. But anyway off the topic of hbs stardoll has to revenge sweet Innocent girls trying to occupy them self's by playing on a virtual site please stardoll have some pity:(

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yes it's finally here, The New Writers Competition! This is how it works

These 2 weeks i will hire 4-6 writers,after those 2 weeks ill put them too the test and give them tasks and challenges every week, but unfortunately each week the writer with the least best work goes home. The winner will receive a permanent position at The Blushed Blog, payment each week of 1 superstar gift and each month a clothing item (the value of the item will be based on the quality of work during the month). The runner up shall receive 2 superstar gifts and a managers position at the SOON club!

How to enter:

tell me in my guest book

How old you are:

Your name:

Why you want to be "The new writer"

If i receive more than 15 entries ill pick 10 to write an article on a specific topic.

Hope you guys join,

luvvies _kool_kat_1


Is this wants stardoll has come to, has all there ideas run out? what happened? We were all amazed when stardoll finally brought us amazing hot buys in September and we all were so happy they just kept coming! But now they lost it, ALL, when they started giving us horrible ugly themes! Yes, yes the Nordic winter theme wasn't so bad but then came the Russia Rocks theme. Who can forget the bad outfits and the interior that looked like some old country land in the 1800's! And i know we were glad when it didn't last long. But only two days later another theme was here! the SLUMBER PARTY THEME! please stardoll yes some people might buy these clothes for a fancy dress, but with the fashion world getting rougher and tougher, no fashionista wants to be seen wearing PJ's and some fancy party of the opening of a new mag or something. Can't stardoll bring some cool themes like , A NIGHT ON TOWN or RED CARPET GLAMOUR or maybe even glitz and glamour diamonds, now that will ROCK! But no stardoll wants to surprise us and show there guilt that they have no more ideas by giving PJ's to us (the shame :( But yes i know, you all are saying but there ARE SOME cute items and yes its true but the rest are pathetic!

here are some example's of cute items and the BAD items!

Mixed up in all the stardesign junk....

You might find something other than new over-priced DKNY or star design junk or even that ugly so August beach items, which everyone got from that so *cough* stupid*cough*cheat.Yes everyone wanted something the superstars got without becoming superstar, Oh but only if they knew they would become superstar soon and finally look at the junk and say that's so over and sell it, with the whole of the stardoll world thinking exactly the same,and so that's how the starbazzar got flooded.On other hand i don't know how it became flooded in the star design stuff, 'cause who would even think of even printing the stuff in the first place?

well anyway maybe we could find something decent in there, maybe even some good rares?
Yes i found All of this in the starbazzar loads of rares stuff and some cute bargains to! So i hope this puts your hopes up to keep looking through all the junk and you WILL find some good things!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Welcome to the Blushed Blog, the blog that is done and made to perfection! It has great graphics awesome articles and is made for the people of Stardoll. We have top news stories and things that will blast your stardoll mind, and everyone can agree that any article is better with good graphics!

I won't be doing this ALL by myself that's why I'm holding a competition soon to find out the new two writers of The Blushed Blog. So we'll be know as The Three Blushed Beauties:)

And SO much more...soon coming to.....The Blushed Blog Of Stardoll!