Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mixed up in all the stardesign junk....

You might find something other than new over-priced DKNY or star design junk or even that ugly so August beach items, which everyone got from that so *cough* stupid*cough*cheat.Yes everyone wanted something the superstars got without becoming superstar, Oh but only if they knew they would become superstar soon and finally look at the junk and say that's so over and sell it, with the whole of the stardoll world thinking exactly the same,and so that's how the starbazzar got flooded.On other hand i don't know how it became flooded in the star design stuff, 'cause who would even think of even printing the stuff in the first place?

well anyway maybe we could find something decent in there, maybe even some good rares?
Yes i found All of this in the starbazzar loads of rares stuff and some cute bargains to! So i hope this puts your hopes up to keep looking through all the junk and you WILL find some good things!

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