Friday, January 16, 2009


Do you remember the time when broadcasting was for non-superstars? And was for 3SD. I do and as i look at the broadcasting que today i see it's all changed! No more broadcasting about things that actually mean something. When you think of broadcasting you think of people saying Rate me! join my club ! but most of all !SALES! Yes it is very helpful i know it it but really does it have to be that expensive 5sd is the average price for a clothing or interior item so to actually gain profit is to sell more than 2 things.

But have you ever thought, why do we broadcast? To make more money of course! But why make more money? To buy more stuff silly! And when we buy more things, what happens? it goes out of the starplaza and we sell! so it basiclly just a continues chain ! Ever thought of THAT! so next time you broadcast think of cheaper options like comment in peoples gb, tell friends make a comment on dolls even tell people in your club or make a free broadcasting post!

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