Thursday, January 15, 2009


Is this wants stardoll has come to, has all there ideas run out? what happened? We were all amazed when stardoll finally brought us amazing hot buys in September and we all were so happy they just kept coming! But now they lost it, ALL, when they started giving us horrible ugly themes! Yes, yes the Nordic winter theme wasn't so bad but then came the Russia Rocks theme. Who can forget the bad outfits and the interior that looked like some old country land in the 1800's! And i know we were glad when it didn't last long. But only two days later another theme was here! the SLUMBER PARTY THEME! please stardoll yes some people might buy these clothes for a fancy dress, but with the fashion world getting rougher and tougher, no fashionista wants to be seen wearing PJ's and some fancy party of the opening of a new mag or something. Can't stardoll bring some cool themes like , A NIGHT ON TOWN or RED CARPET GLAMOUR or maybe even glitz and glamour diamonds, now that will ROCK! But no stardoll wants to surprise us and show there guilt that they have no more ideas by giving PJ's to us (the shame :( But yes i know, you all are saying but there ARE SOME cute items and yes its true but the rest are pathetic!

here are some example's of cute items and the BAD items!

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