Friday, January 16, 2009

Its called "Shopping with stardoll" AKA EVIL REVENGE

WHAT? you might ask me reading the title, I'll tell you what, Stardoll has revenged us all! Still don't know what I'm talking about, just look at the picture

Yes this beautiful glamorous Hot Buys dress is now available in the Starplaza, and i would normally say for the great mere price of ... But no, Stardoll has changed there mind of all those cheap non-superstar hot buys. Remember the chain of hot buys, the AMAZING purple pants, the cozy purple snow jacket, The golden shoes.But then it started stardoll bought out the cute pair of earmuffs alas yes it still is for 5 stardollars but no not how we expected to be SUPERSTAR! Oh but we all thought just one thing nothing to scream about. But when the hot buy we all were waiting for comes to the starplaza we can definitely scream! Normally the re-released HB is for 10+ But this is a brand new cute and chic dress. How its shines, the colours can make any boring outfit come to life, but stardoll didn't put it out for the normal price of 7 or 8 but the price of 14SD!!!! Stardoll is revenging and making up there mistake of puting out to many cheap non-superstar hbs! Who can afford that? Yes we all know all those elites who have to much money! Some stardolls don't know how much we are actually talking about they have only the little money of 5 stardollars or even ZERO they think we have the power of having up to 60 stardollars, no young stardolls they have more, they have THOUSANDS that they will never share. they keep it all to the self so they will able to buy more old DKNY so they will be more famous. That's the actual key to be a A list celeb on stardoll. But anyway off the topic of hbs stardoll has to revenge sweet Innocent girls trying to occupy them self's by playing on a virtual site please stardoll have some pity:(

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