Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yes it's finally here, The New Writers Competition! This is how it works

These 2 weeks i will hire 4-6 writers,after those 2 weeks ill put them too the test and give them tasks and challenges every week, but unfortunately each week the writer with the least best work goes home. The winner will receive a permanent position at The Blushed Blog, payment each week of 1 superstar gift and each month a clothing item (the value of the item will be based on the quality of work during the month). The runner up shall receive 2 superstar gifts and a managers position at the SOON club!

How to enter:

tell me in my guest book

How old you are:

Your name:

Why you want to be "The new writer"

If i receive more than 15 entries ill pick 10 to write an article on a specific topic.

Hope you guys join,

luvvies _kool_kat_1

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